About Us

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AES’s global client base cover’s local and international trade professionals focused on business in Asia. AES works closely with government, trade associations, industry organisations, media channels and the key international stakeholders.

AES management team’s experience in in Asia includes both regional Association event contracts, joint venture partnerships and independent international projects, including five industry specialised regional events based in Bangkok.

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Why is AES so different to other organisers in Thailand?

AES specialises in niche sectors of the major industries of Thailand to include industrial manufacturing, rail, automotive, logistics, infrastructure, transport, printing, food and beverage, fitness and healthcare.

AES is focusing and developing its portfolio in Thailand to use its market specialisation & expertise as a platform for joint-venture projects & new B2B events.

AES has a close working relationship with the government and its related agencies, plus the trade Associations throughout the sectors represented.

AES is positioned as an independent international organiser head-quartered in Thailand with partner offices worldwide.

AES has successfully formed more JVs and launched more new trade events than any other PEO in Thailand.